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2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR – Three Wheeled Cousin of the Atom Gets An Update

Posted by Anthony G on

While supercars usually require a few hundred thousand dollars taken out of the pocket and a rather large set of nerves to take it out on the track, the alternative featuring a lightweight, skeleton single-seater took the spotlight.

You might describe the 2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR by taking a shot at an old, overused joke: “What has two seats and three wheels?” Fortunately, this three wheeled bike rises well above the quality of the joke, providing an amazing experience both on the road and on the track.


Seen from the front, the Slingshot SLR does look to take on a few design influences from the Ariel Atom – however, one can’t say there has been any plagiarizing done. To obtain a bit of aerodynamic efficiency, there’s basically just one approach you could take, thus making the front fascia and hood take the look-alike of a kit car. The frame consists of high tensile forged steel, providing increased resistance and rigidity.

Seeing it from the front, you wouldn’t expect to fit just wheel on the rear side. The Slingshot SLR boasts a two-toned paint job complemented by colored frame accents, a body full of graphics and a Ripper Series wind deflector.

On the inside, the cockpit benefits from sport seats that have been manually cut and sewn. Steering wheel, shift knob and pedal covers have been supplied by Sparco. Lighting is ensured by a LED lighting kit.

Slingshot SLR is available in either Orange or Silver colorways. The 2017 model adds 31 new accessories to customize and individualize the interior, topping out with Sling Shade, a removable sunshade. Various accessories develop the level of comfort and enhance the view the driver and copilot is having while cutting corners at high speeds or cruising around.

Drivetrain and Performance

If the Slingshot would only look good, it would be no fun driving it. Fortunately, the 2.4 Liter double overhead cam engine developed by GM outputs 173 HP and 166 lb-ft of torque, transmitted to the rear wheel through a 5 speed manual gearbox. The driver gets assistance from an electronically assisted steering unit, ESP and traction control.

The composite brake rotors come with anti-lock braking system, offering an above-average amount of stopping power. The ride features a maximum weight of 1749 lbs or 794 kilograms – add this to the 173 HP output and you get a staggering acceleration and top speed.


While it has a steering wheel, two front wheels and a power-to-weight ratio that puts most consumer sports cars to shame, the Slingshot SLR is not a vehicle, but a three wheeled motorcycle. For most countries, you will require a motorcycle permit in order to drive the Slingshot on public roads. Polaris recommends using a full face helmet and restrain from over speeding on wet road conditions.